About Us

Lisa and Jodi, Surf Dog Event’s top dogs, are passionate about creating fun and engaging events, connecting with communities and getting involved with anything related to dogs. Their passion for sport and canines as well as their well-honed instincts for a dog-gone good time, lured the pair to the growing sport of dog surfing.

Surf City Surf Dog®, the world-famous premier event on the dog surfing circuit is NORMALLY held annually in late September in Huntington Beach, CA (Surf City USA®).  The event brings together the community, surFURs, dog lovers, families and pets for a day of fun and fundraising at one of Southern California’s most pristine beaches - Huntington Dog Beach!

Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition - the ORIGINAL, first ever dog surfing competition is normally held during the summer months adjacent to the Imperial Beach Pier!

COVID19 has shut down both events for the 2020 season, so we created the surFUR Swag Pack to share the surf stoke lifestyle with dog lovers all around the US. Nothing puts a smile on your face like a surfing dog!


The inspiration for the squeak toy...

The surFUR squeak toy is in memory to Lisa’s French Bulldog, Ozzie, who passed from cancer in April this year. Though he wasn’t a surFUR (we did try) he was the dog love of her life and inspired her to raise funds for doggies everywhere!